Eat Real Food

How is your health? Do you have abundant energy and a clear mind? Are you always in a great mood and content in all areas of your life? Are you at your perfect weight?

Many people are finding themselves with just the opposite- low on energy, lethargic and foggy in the head.  Easily agitated and irritable. Un-happy with certain areas of life such as career, relationships, body image or food-habits.  It can be very hard to navigate through all the latest and greatest food fads. There are a million diets out there that claim to be the answer to your weight loss and fix all your issues. Let me tell you- they don’t work! Diets don’t work and I know from experience. I’ve tried them all and I now know the true way to health.

Eat. Real. Food.

Why? Because.

Real. Food. Heals.

What is Real Food anyway?

To me, real food is fresh, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seafood, meat, poultry and raw dairy, in the closest form that you would find it in NATURE.

An apple, orange, avocado slices, stick of celery, plate of organic, cage-free scrambled eggs, an organic pastured steak cooked in real butter or a handful of almonds. Green juice, smoothies, fresh salads, fresh fruits, stir-fries, grilled meats, healthy baked goods and healthy fats.

YES! You can eat fat! In fact, you better eat fat, otherwise you will not be able to achieve lasting weight loss, hormonal balance or heal any health issue for that matter. Your body needs fat to function. You must eat fat to burn body fat. Your hormones will be totally unbalanced if you avoid fat. You can’t live a happy life without fat!!!

The low-fat fad that took place in the 1990’s really did a lot of damage to people all over the country. Once the food industry started taking out the fat in food products, they started replacing it with sugar to make it taste better. Sugar is the devil. Too much sugar in the blood causes a cascade of events that leads to poor health. Then you have an epidemic of insulin-resistance, diabetes and obesity in adults and children alike. What a tragedy.

THEN, we start taking out the sugar and replacing it with artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin which all have dangerous side effects, can cause cancer, are addictive and actually cause weight gain, the whole reason people avoid sugar in the first place!

Finally get some answers and real guidance!

You can increase your health and well-being and find a more natural, balanced way of life. With the guidance of a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner like myself, you will learn how to instinctively choose healthy foods over foods that could be slowly poisoning you. That’s right, some food can be medicine while other foods can be a slow form of poison.

While there is no one, perfect diet for everyone, we can figure out which style of eating works best for you. Some do well on vegan/vegetarian diets while others thrive on a Paleo-style diet, which consists of tons of animal products! How can this be???

Because we are all different. We have very different genetics and bio-individuality. This is where my functional lab tests come in. We can run a food sensitivity test to see which foods you may be un-knowingly having an inflammatory reaction too. We must find what is right for your health to thrive. It is very possible my friend. Let’s get you on your path to vibrant wellness!

Are you ready to make a lasting change in your health? Please contact me below for more info!


4 thoughts on “Eat Real Food

  1. My sister has had a crippling disease that has attacked her nervous system making her legs not function without support of a stroller. She has to go to hospital to receive steroids and stays in hospital for up to six weeks. She has support at home but is keen on walking again. She is a young 43 year old and have great support of her family. Are there some natural foods that she can eat that may assist her healing process instead of having steroids?

    • Yes! Anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, turmeric, berries and omega-3 rich foods would help fight inflammation and calm the system down a bit. Also, if it’s autoimmune then she would benefit from a grain-free, paleo type diet. It’s important that she tests for food allergies/sensitivities and avoid those foods as well. Lastly, she should work on healing leaky gut, as that is always present with autoimmunity. Best wishes, Jennifer.

  2. I am on the HCG program right now. Will consuming coconut oil affect the effects of the program in any manner. Thank you.

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