2013 Holistic Weight Loss Summit


The 2013 Holistic Weight Loss World Summit


With the upcoming holiday season, we are all starting to reflect a little more about our physical health and appearance.


It’s that humbling time of year, when we take a close look in the mirror and begin wondering how we can either lose the extra “padding” that has settled around our midsection or how to prevent any weight gain during those long winter months.


That’s why I am excited to let you know about an incredible online event, that shows you how to lose weight & create better health, naturally and holistically.


Its a FREE 7-day global gathering called The 2013 Holistic Weight Loss World Summit.


They have brought together 35 of the world’s leading experts in natural weight loss and holistic health to share the most effective tools, techniques and strategies for you lose weight naturally and sustainable so that you can keep it off for good!


During this FREE 7 day global summit, which runs from December 9th to December 15th, 2013, they will explore a wide selection of proven natural solutions & modalities for you to choose from.


What you’ll learn:

* Discover the natural supplements, herbs and foods that boost your metabolism and help you to burn fat in your  sleep
* Learn the wisdom of the ancient healing traditions in combination with the latest breakthroughs of modern science to lose weight and optimize your health
* Discover how to transform your low energy, depression and melancholy into vitality, happiness and a zest for life.
* Learn how to face and integrate the deeper mental and emotional issues that may be at the root of your unhealthy habits.
* Learn simple movements and practices –  that you can do anywhere – to help you burn fat and stay fit for life.
* Discover natural approaches to strengthen your immune system and prevent disease while increasing your energy, vitality and overall well being.




No matter if you’re just a little over weight or you are considered technically “obese” this Summit is designed to support you in returning to your ideal weight while creating optimal health for your body, mind and spirit.

So, If you’re ready to lose weight and reclaim your health – the natural & holistic way –  I encourage you to register now for this amazing FREE event!

To your holistic health!


This life-transforming FREE summit starts on December 9th and will run for a week, 7-Days until December 15th.  So, if you’re interesting in reaching and more importantly maintaining your ideal weight, while creating radiant health, I encourage you to reserve your space now.

Register Now: Holistic Weight Summit



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