6 Ways to Use Healing Magnesium Oil Spray


Did you know that the number one mineral that most people are deficient in is magnesium? If you’re feeling weak or experiencing fatigue, low-energy or anxiety, chances are you might be deficient in magnesium. Some other signs of magnesium deficiency include insomnia, infertility, depression, coldness in the extremities, back pain, body odor, constipation, kidney stones and thyroid issues.

Magnesium is so vital to the health of your body. It’s used in over 300 processes! Every single cell in the body needs it to function. We need magnesium for healthy bones, teeth, muscles and joints, cellular energy, to keep red blood cells healthy, to breathe, to exercise, to relax, unwind and to sleep.

While we do get magnesium in our diet in foods like spinach, oats, brown rice, quinoa, lentils and bananas, most people aren’t getting enough because of soil depletion and water filtration. That’s why I like to use magnesium oil. It can be the easiest and most effective way to increase your magnesium levels. It absorbs right into your skin and supplies your body with what it needs to function at a vibrant level.

Here are six healing uses for this beneficial oil:
1. Reduce Stress: Magnesium oil has a calming effect to the whole body and can quiet the noisy mind. It slows the heart rate and can help you feel more centered. Spray it on your skin and rub it in for a calmer you.

2. Relaxing Massage: Swap your massage oil with the ever-relaxing magnesium oil. It will penetrate deeply into the muscles for a therapeutic effect as it is a potent vasodilator that will increase blood circulation.

3. Soothing Bath Oil: Light a candle, grab a book and pour 2oz. of magnesium oil in your bath water. Let your cares drift away! Try it in a foot soak too.

4. Pain Relief: Treat injuries and enhance recovery as it reduces pain and inflammation, while also assisting better tissue regeneration. Use it to increase athletic performance as well.

5. Better Sleep: Magnesium is relaxing to the sympathetic nervous system, therefore can really help assist in better sleep capability. I’ve personally struggled with insomnia my whole life and relied on natural supplements to fall asleep. They don’t always work though and sometimes I forget to take them. I recently started applying magnesium oil to the bottom of my feet at night. Let me tell you, I have been sleeping like a baby ever since! It has been a life-saver to me. I have more energy during the day and can fall asleep in minutes after application.

6. Deodorant: Apply 2-3 sprays under each armpit as a very effective deodorant. This is much safer than the conventional ones on the market that contain toxic ingredients like aluminum, which has been linked to breast cancer.

Magnesium oil comes in a convenient spray which is what I have found to be very easy to use and very helpful with my sleep routine. Here is a great brand that I recommend. Another good one that is less expensive can be found here. Let me know how it works for you!


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