Top 13 foods to buy ORGANIC


Organic or not to go Organic… that is the question.

You’ve sure enough heard the term “organic” thrown around by now and maybe you’re wondering, what is the need for buying organic foods? Originally all foods, produce and animal products were all organic, meaning they were all grown and prepared without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and hormones. Most of the foods we ate were un-refined, un-processed and closest to their natural state.

Since the World War II era, the invention of chemical farming began, and thus the advent of highly processed and toxic foods. The soils and foods in most parts of the world have been depleted of vital nutrients and minerals. Not only are our foods devoid of nutrients and minerals now but they are full of toxic chemicals that are very harmful to our health. This is why it is so important to buy organic when possible.

The pesticides and herbicides that are being used on our foods have been shown to cause liver damage, cancer, kidney dysfunction and many other disorders. These pesticides get stored in our fat tissues and build up over time. The immune system gets overloaded, thus allowing other pathogenic substances to come into the body and wreak havoc. This is why it’s a great idea to do a detox once or twice a year to cleanse your body and rid these toxins.

Organic certification is the system that we have in place and can rely on as an assurance that the foods have been grown and handled in a completely natural way, without any harmful chemicals to denature them in any way. When buying any packaged foods, remember to look for “100% organic” foods so you know that ALL ingredients used were organic, and not just some of them.

You can just disregard anything that says “natural” on it or natural ingredients, since that just means that the ingredients were found in nature. Well arsenic is natural, but that doesn’t mean it should be in foods.

When you buy organic, you are voting with your dollars. You are making a small but very important statement that we don’t want altered or toxic foods, we want safe, organically grown foods as they are meant to be in the first place. And we deserve that much!

Top foods that should always be ORGANIC

These foods have the most toxic contamination and should always be organic since it would be nearly impossible to scrub off all the chemicals, which have most likely absorbed deep into the layers of the food.



Strawberries (ALL berries should be bought organic)




Sweet Bell Peppers



Lettuce and Leafy Greens (kale, collard greens, etc)




Top Foods that are okay to buy non-organic

These foods have the least contamination and are safe to eat as long as they are washed and peeled well, when applicable.







Sweet Peas

Kiwi Fruit




Sweet Potato




Please note: While this post is focusing on organic produce, I feel the need to touch on the advantages of organic animal products as well.

In the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, otherwise known as CAFO’s, the animals are so inhumanely treated, it’s horrific. They are crammed together in such small spaces and never let out to roam the land as they were intended too. They are put in such terrible living conditions and therefore get sick a lot. To remedy this, the farmers pump them with antibiotics. They also give them estrogen to fatten them up. And you better believe that you are consuming all those antibiotics and estrogens as well when you eat that meat. Consuming too many antibiotics kills off the good bacteria in your gut which can cause leaky gut, UTI’s and a host of many other issues. Too much estrogen can increase your rick of certain types of cancer like breast and ovarian. Many adolescent girls are developing and experiencing puberty at much earlier ages than ever seen before. Coincidence?  I think not.

Be sure to buy organic grass-fed beef, organic free-range chicken, organic raw dairy and organic cage-free eggs when possible to ensure you’re are getting clean, un-contaminated real foods. Live well everyone!


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