Blackberry Cucumber Refresher

Looking for a refreshing, cooling and hydrating smoothie for a hot spring or summer day? This smoothie is just that. The cucumber in it is so cooling and soothing and the blackberries give you a boost of antioxidant love, while also giving it this beautiful deep purple hue. Here’s what’s in this smoothie and how it benefits you:

Bananas- high in potassium, they prevent high blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. Plus, they make the smoothie super creamy!

Blackberries- full of cancer-fighting antioxidants, these dark berries also keep you young by fighting inflammation and free radical damage in the body. They’re good for mental clarity as well as good memory.

Cucumber- cooling, refreshing, high in water content (they’re made up of 95% water actually! )so they are very hydrating. Cucumbers are also high in B vitamins and vitamin C.  They fight inflammation, prevent cancer and aid in digestion.

Coconut oil- one of the healthiest fats on the planet! Full of lauric acid and MCTs, great for boosting metabolism and weight loss,  read more on all the amazing benefits coconut oil has to offer right here.

Protein powder- high in amino acids, which are the building blocks to repair and make new tissues and muscles. Plus it keeps you full until the next meal!

Chia seeds- high in omega 3’s to fight inflammation and full of fiber to keep things flowing smoothly. Read more about chia seeds here.


Blackberry Cucumber Smoothie


Directions: Add everything to a high powered blender (I use this one) and mix well. Add more liquid if necessary.

Did you like this smoothie? Let me know below!


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