The Thyroid Sessions- Starts May 4th

The Thyroid Sessions- Starts Sunday May 4th

Dr. Sara & Sean CroxtonOut of the estimated 30 million people in the US (and 200 million worldwide) who have a thyroid disorder — only HALF have been properly diagnosed. And even less are receiving proper treatment. That’s why Sean Croxton, host of Underground Wellness, traveled the country to interview a dozen of the leading functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, and real food chefs for a free online screening called The Thyroid Sessions. 
Get ready to discover:

  • How to lose weight when your thyroid is off
  • One single dietary change that can reverse autoimmune disease.
  • 3 simple non-blood tests that investigate the WHY behind thyroid disorders
  • The “healing” foods can make Hashimoto’s worse.
  • Non-drug solutions for fatigue, hair loss, constipation, and migraines
  • And much, much more…

This is the world’s first FREE online thyroid event, and you’re invited. It starts Sunday MAY 4th. Pre-register today to save your spot in this life-changing event.

Check out these great speakers and what they’ll be discussing during this FREE webinar series.



Chris Kresser, LAc – Author, Your Personal Paleo Code

Thyroid Myths and Truths

  • Why the TSH test is not enough! (And what is.)
  • Cruciferous vegetables, to eat or not to eat
  • How a rise in thyroid antibodies can be a GOOD sign
  • One single dietary change that can reverse autoimmune disease

Reed Davis, FDN – Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Stop Chasing Symptoms: And Illustrated Guide to Finding the Root Cause of Thyroid Disorders

  • How a dysfunctional liver can be to blame for thyroid problems
  • The friendly bacteria in control of 20% of your thyroid hormone
  • A digestive “toxin” that sends your thyroid control center offline
  • 3 simple non-blood tests that investigate the WHY behind thyroid disorders

Can Detox & Digestive Issues Cause Thyroid Problems? Find out in this Thyroid Sessions sneak peek video with Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (where I got my certification!).  Watch the video here.

Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

Supplements to Subdue Hypothyroidism 

  • Why hypothyroidism can sometimes feel like HYPERthyroidism
  • A highly common bacterial infection connected to thyroid antibodies
  • How to make sure your compounded meds are the same every time
  • The cigarette ingredient that reduces thyroid antibodies

Nora Gedgaudas – Author, Primal Body, Primal Mind

How to Beat Hashimoto’s

  • Telltale (and confusing) signs and symptoms of Hashimoto’s
  • Why most docs don’t bother looking for antibodies
  • The “healing” foods can make Hashimoto’s worse.
  • How a fat-based diet may be the diet of choice for Hashimoto’s


Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD – Author, The Hormone Cure

How to Lose Weight When Your Thyroid is Off 

  • What your eyebrows, lashes, and fingernails can tell you about your thyroid
  • The 3 main symptoms of “thyropause”
  • Why a low-carb diet may not be a good idea…if you’re a woman.
  • Green juice: Why nothing can be worse for hypothyroid


Christa Orecchio, CN – Founder, The Whole Journey

Thyroid Gone Rogue: A Food and Lifestyle Approach to Healing and Graves’ Disease 

  • How to clear radiation from the thyroid
  • The viral connection that can “turn on” Graves’ disease
  • What to do if your thyroid has been removed
  • 5 foods to ban from your diet…and which to add

Dr. Kelly Austin, ND – Naturopathic Doctor

Thyroid Medications: What You Need to Know

  • The gluten-containing medication that can make your thyroid worse!
  • The medication you DON’T want to take if you have Hashimoto’s
  • The 2 cleanest, natural thyroid meds — free of dyes and additives
  • The 3 words you want your doc to write on your prescription slip

Suzy Cohen, RPh – Author, Thyroid Healthy

Drug Muggers: How Thyroid Meds Rob Your Body of Thyroid-Friendly Nutrients

  • The little-known “active ingredient” in The Pill that can deactivate your thyroid
  • Name brand Rx drugs that mug your thyroid of nutrients
  • The best probiotic for your gut flora fingerprint
  • Non-drug solutions for fatigue, hair loss, constipation, and migraines

Ben Greenfield – Author, Beyond Training

How Exercise Destroys Your Thyroid and What You Can Do About It!

  • Why your body’s survivalist instincts shut down your thyroid. (Don’t do this!)
  • Why cardio gets such a bad rep. Hint: calories DO count…
  • The most important nutrient when it comes to thyroid health
  • The BEST tests to find out if exercise is affecting your thyroid

thyroid series

Kim Schuette, CN – Certified GAPS Practitioner

 The Thyroid’s Effect on Conception and Pregnancy

  • Subtle, slow detox strategies to prepare the body for pregnancy
  • The single worst food to consume if you want to get pregnant
  • Kim’s highly effective pre-conception/fertility diet
  • How a mother’s low iodine levels affect the IQ of her child

Register here for this awesome FREE THYROID SERIES! Starts Sunday MAY 4th!


The Thyroid Sessions- Starts May 4th


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