Back to School Bundle for Busy Moms!

Back to School Bundle- loaded with great tools and recipes for busy Moms! Only $19

Hey guys,

I have a new recipe eBook coming out and it’s featured in this Back to School Bundle Package for you busy Moms out there.

Do you wish you could have a library of information at your fingertips full of recipes, eBooks, step-by-step instructions and tools to make your life easier?

Do you wish you could provide your family with healthy and nutritious snacks quickly and easily?

Do you want your child to thrive and not just survive?

Do you wish you had time saving habits, tips and tools so you can have more quality time with your family?

We have a solution! – The Back to School Bundle!

Check out everything that you’ll get for only $19!

Real Food for Elementary Kids E-cookbook

Beyond Grain and Dairy Ebook

Busy Paleo Mom’s Top Recipes

Lunch Notes For Your Children

Kids Recipe Ebook

20 Quick and Easy Real Food Breakfast Recipes (My eBook!)

It’s MY life guided meditation audios

Pink lotus flower desktop wallpaper

Connecting Busy Families: Back to School Guide

10 Tips To Being A Hot Mama That WOWS Your Child… AND Your Husband!

Tweak Your Speak Formula: How Divorced Moms Can Talk to their Ex and Finally End the Feuding, Fighting & Frustration For Good! Ebook

Tapp exercise Ebook ” Know your body type”

2 empowering meditations for your children to improve their concentration

3 month free membership to Renaissance moms club

2 chapters of the amazing book “Balance The Mother Load” by Carly Cooper 

Food Combining for peak immunity with food combining guide 

Dry brushing for immunity

No equipment, home 30 min.  HITT exercise programs for  busy moms 

Recorded consultation with Sleep Sense expert Shan to help answer the most common sleep questions and issues.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: The natural Approach with Oils

Empowering your Kids 3 part audio series

Raising a Healthy Eater in 9 Easy Steps Ebook

Turn Your Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater Ebook

Parents Self Care Ebook

What To Do About Homework Ebook

10% off At Once a Month Meals

15% off at Victoria Chart Company

Setting your Children up for Success by Knowing their Personality Traits Ebook

This bundle is valued at $450, buy it now for only $19! Available until Sept. 1st.

Back to School Bundle- loaded with great tools and recipes for busy Moms! Only $19


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