Leaky Gut & a Recipe for Simple Sauerkraut

This is one of the most important recipes from my new online gut healing program “How to Heal Your Gut in 4 Weeks”. I designed the program to be an easy to follow program to aid people in healing their digestion on their own, with healing foods and supplements that actually work. It’s offered at a low cost for those who are highly committed to getting results and healing for good.

Heal Leaky Gut in 28 Days

Check out the program here.

An excerpt from the program: What is “Leaky Gut” exactly?

“The digestive tract is like a net with extremely small holes (tight junctions) in it that only allow specific substances to pass through. Your gut lining acts as a barrier to keep out bigger particles that aren’t meant to go through and can damage your system.

When there is leaky gut present or increased intestinal permeability, the “net” in your digestive tract gets damaged, causing even bigger holes (or bigger junctions) in it that allow larger particles to pass through that shouldn’t, like undigested food particles, candida, bad bacteria, pathogens and other invaders that don’t belong. Toxic waste can also leak from the inside of your intestinal wall into your blood stream causing an immune reaction.

So when undigested food particles cross over into the blood stream where they are not meant to be, your immune system sets off an immune response and attacks the particles. Antibodies are created for those particles and then you can develop a food sensitivity to that particular food. Every time you consume that food again, an immune response (allergic response) is set off that you may be unaware of because there are no actual symptoms (though there could be) but there is inflammation happening in the body. Chronic inflammation creates disease. So it doesn’t mean that you are going to break out into hives or go into anaphylactic shock, but there is a response in the body that you may or may not be aware of.

Some people are very aware of their food sensitivities because after eating a particular food, within hours or even days, they experience symptoms like bloating, fatigue, joint pain, gas, digestive complaints, rashes and even anxiety. These are severe sensitivities and may take a while to recover from. Things like dairy or gluten sensitivity may have been genetic or caused by something entirely different, and therefore may never be completely healed.

When left ignored or un-repaired, food sensitivities can lead to IBS, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, eczema, psoriasis, migraines, depression, anxiety, diabetes, muscle pain and chronic fatigue.

Another big problem associated with leaky gut is that it can prevent you from absorbing vital minerals and nutrients including iron and zinc.”


Step #3 in the healing process part of the program is:

“Re-inoculate– You will need to rebalance and re-inoculate the gut flora with high quality, high strain probiotics. This is key. You must re-inoculate the gut with the good probiotic bacteria that will keep the bad pathogenic bacteria at bay.”

This recipe is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to include healthy probiotic-rich foods into your diet.


Simple Sauerkraut

Simple Sauerkraut


  • 1 head of green cabbage, shredded
  • 1 Tbsp. sea salt

Directions: In a large bowl, combine the cabbage and salt and massage until juices release. Add contents to a glass jar and punch down with your fist. Weigh down and cover with a plastic bag filled with water. The liquid should come off the cabbage and cover it. This is important since cabbage exposed to air may get moldy. Let it sit on your counter or another cool place for 3-20 days. The longer the fermentation, the more sour the sauerkraut will get. You can actually let this go much longer than 20 days if you like! Refrigerate afterwards.



Heal Leaky Gut in 28 Days


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