20 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket

The Easter bunny is coming on Sunday. Are you ready?

This year, stop giving your little ones the typical sugar-laden candies, chocolate filled eggs and other typical Easter treats (Peeps ring a bell?) that contribute to the risk of childhood obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and the all-too-familiar “sugar high” that is despised by Moms everywhere.

There are many healthy alternatives that will keep your kids perfectly content on this super fun holiday, all while keeping their health your number one priority. Besides healthy snack options, I’ve listed many activity-based alternatives to keep them entertained.

20 Ideas for a Healthy Easter Basket

  1. Hard-boiled eggs- You’re no stranger to hard-boiled eggs around Easter if you’ve got kids, so why not throw some of those dyed eggs into their Easter baskets? It will give them a nice healthy dose of protein t0 sustain their energy during their “hunt” and keep their blood sugar levels well-balanced. (Especially important if they’re indulging in a little sugar on this holiday too!)
  2. Filled plastic eggs- Fill up those plastic eggs with almonds, trail mix, dried fruit, granola or sunflower seeds.
  3. Homemade muffins- Wrap up little perfect-sized portions of yummy muffins like this chocolate chip banana muffin.
  4. Carrots & hummus- Wrap up little bags of baby carrot sticks and pre-packaged hummus containers for a well-balanced afternoon snack.
  5. Nut butter and sliced apples- Slice up some apples and drizzle lemon juice on them to prevent browning. Bag them up and pair with some pre-packaged almond butter like this one.
  6. Homemade fruit snacks- Kids love fruit snacks, but they usually contain artificial flavors, synthetic colors and preservatives. Make you own gummy fruit snacks with this recipe that can be altered for multiple different flavors!
  7. Beef or turkey jerky- Find some clean-eating jerky that’s low in sodium and high in muscle-building protein. I like this brand.
  8. Dark chocolate- You can’t leave out chocolate on Easter! Give a bar of organic dark chocolate, preferably one that is at least 70% or more of cacao, for a boost of health-promoting antioxidants. The less ingredients on the label, the better.
  9. Sidewalk chalk- Get some pastel-colored chalk for your kiddos to paint the sidewalk or drive-way. Don’t worry, you can wash it off later with the hose.
  10. Gift cards- Kids love to shop! Give them gift cards that they can use like iTunes, Toys-R-Us or their favorite clothing stores.
  11. Bubbles- Every kid loves blowing bubbles!
  12. Coloring books & crayons- Give your kids fun coloring activities to bring out their inner artiste skills!
  13. New flip flops- The season is here for a new pair of open-toed shoes to run around in.
  14. Notepads- Let them doodle all day on a new colorful notepad.
  15. Stamps & stickers- They can make an Easter collage with fun stamps and stickers.
  16. Hair accessories- Girls will love getting new hair clips and bows.
  17. Water balloons- What kid doesn’t love a water balloon fight? Just make sure they’ve changed out of their Easter Sunday outfits!
  18. Board games- These might be a little hard to fit in most Easter baskets but boards games are a favorite for the youngsters.
  19. Vegetable seeds- Get them started young with gardening and they’ll grow up with the ability to provide healthy food for themselves. This is one of the greatest things you can teach your child. Here are some great organic non-GMO seeds.
  20. Books- Cultivate their love of reading with a new juicy book.

What are some healthy alternatives that you’ve added to your kids’ Easter baskets?

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