How I healed my 4 year infertility struggle with FDN

How I Healed My 4 Year Infertility Struggle With FDN

Do you know my story?

Some of you may not know that we struggled to conceive for 4 years! I tried many things and went to many doctor appointments with no success or real reason why I couldn’t conceive. They just told me that I have unexplained infertility. I had to take matters into my own hands and do some research.

I already had a background in holistic nutrition and knew that I could use food as medicine to heal from whatever was preventing me from conceiving. But I didn’t know what that was!

It wasn’t until I found Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) that I realized there were other possible causes of infertility like food sensitivities, pathogenic infections, heavy metal toxicity, liver congestion, under-active thyroid and much more, that my Doctor would just dismiss. I discovered that I could run lab work on myself that my doctor never would run.

I quickly found some healing opportunities in my labs and began making dietary changes (went gluten-free and dairy-free), included lots of hormone-friendly healthy fats into my diet in large amounts, started eating thyroid-boosting foods as well as avoiding thyroid-deteriorating foods. I also began a pathogen cleanse to eradicate a bacterial overgrowth in my gut. Afterwards I began to work on healing my leaky gut with specific foods and supplements for a few weeks.

My very next cycle, I got pregnant. After 4 years. And it was as easy as that.

You see, my body was in a constant state of chronic stress fighting off this silent bacterial overgrowth (dysbiosis) in my gut. I was also eating certain foods that are known to promote inflammation in a lot of people, including me. When the body is dealing with internal stressors like these, it may not be able to support another life. Especially if there are other stressors going on in addition to these. Like the stress of not getting pregnant!

I now understand that “unexplained infertility” doesn’t exist. That is just the term that they use when they can’t figure out why you are not getting pregnant.

Recently I’ve shared my story with several people who were interested in taking the FDN course themselves to better their own health and possibly change their careers to help others get well too. This work is so rewarding and fulfilling!

I figured I should share the course with all of you too!

Learning the FDN concepts of getting to the root cause of your health conditions has forever changed my life and might change yours too!

If you’re interested in learning about this health detective work that uses functional lab work to find the root cause, and even run some cool labs on yourself which is included in the program, click here for more info.

You’ll get to do what I do and help people or even just yourself, to finally heal when no one else could help. You will get so much out of this course, I promise the small investment is worth it! And if you have any questions about the course, ask and I’d love to help!


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